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    The capstone principles

    As part of the fellowship program, we have been gathering data on the nature of capstone curriculum in practice. The findings from this work and the literature have provided us with a comprehensive picture of the unique nature of capstones. As we know, capstones are …

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    Guidelines for institutions

    The often unique nature of capstone curriculum gives rise to particular tensions and complexities, and presents challenges for staff in design and delivery. Findings from our research on capstone curriculum, and work with capstone staff in higher education institutions, pointed to the most common areas …

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    Guidelines for teachers

    In our research and work with capstone staff in higher education institutions there were common questions asked by staff who were new to designing capstones, arising from some of the less familiar capstone concepts. Many of these topics are not unique to capstones, but as …

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    Capstone learning outcomes – drawing on threshold standards

    In 2010 and 2011 the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) conducted the Learning and Teaching Academic Standards (LTAS) project, with the goal of articulating academic standards in several broad discipline areas. Carried out by the Discipline Scholars, this work resulted in a series of …

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    Capstones: The icing on the (assessment) cake or the cake itself?

    by Susan Jones When I was a student, in the 70’s, my lecturers, all products of the British university system, used to terrify us with tales of their ‘finals’ – in which they were expected to answer long essay-type questions that could address any aspect …

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    Common types of capstone curriculum

    Capstones come in many different forms, with a wide range of lengths, weightings and activities. In our review of capstones, we found that there are four very common approaches across disciplines to capstone curriculum, and two very common for some disciplines but not others. These …

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    One capstone, two capstone, bricolage

    Capstones, as the culminating experiences for a course or program, serve a long list of functions. They provide students with the context in which they will integrate and apply prior learning, provide depth and complexity, engender independence and confidence, orient and transition to post graduate …

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    Why do I love teaching capstones so much?

    by Tanya Evans Staff in universities far and wide often grumble when asked to teach capstone units. Not me! I am happy to nail my colours to the mast and declare that I relish co-convening our Modern History Capstone unit at Macquarie University. When teaching …

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    The integrative capstone – integrates what?

    As we talk to staff from across the sector about capstones, and what they need in the way of support, consistent themes are appearing. One of those themes is the difficulty people have interpreting the literature on capstones, particularly key terms that can be found …

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    What’s in a capstone?

    The capstone, traditionally, was a stone placed at the top of a pyramid or building, both signifying its completion and as protection for the walls below. Capstones were often considered the most important part of the building, and elaborately decorated to signify the culmination of …

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