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    Capstones and the final year experience

    Higher education contains two critical transition points for students: the first year of their experience or ‘transition-in’ (whether that be in the first year of a course or their first experience) and the final year of their program, or ‘transition-out’ (Webb, 2012). Over the past …

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  • RAAF Roulettes At Avalon International Airshow 2011

    Going solo

    By Marcus Powe, RMIT University Last century, yes the 1980′s, capstones were alive and well and were designed to do one thing, to really see if a graduating student could “do it”. This radical approach shook the foundations of the university as the teacher/lecturer not …

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    Is Volunteering the Cinderella of the Employability Ball?

    by Dr Ken Robinson, MAPS Capstone unit coordinator in psychology, Edith Cowan University, WA If your university is anything like mine, then there is a lot of talk about getting graduates job ready. Many recall wryly the article by Atkins (1999) when he referred to …

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