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    The capstone principles

    As part of the fellowship program, we have been gathering data on the nature of capstone curriculum in practice. The findings from this work and the literature have provided us with a comprehensive picture of the unique nature of capstones. As we know, capstones are …

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    What’s in a capstone?

    The capstone, traditionally, was a stone placed at the top of a pyramid or building, both signifying its completion and as protection for the walls below. Capstones were often considered the most important part of the building, and elaborately decorated to signify the culmination of …

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  • Tile Approach 2

    The TILE Approach: Developing professional identities

    by Dawn Bennett Students about to leave university need to have explored their own professional identity, and to have thought about what their work and career might look like. Indeed, student engagement is directly impacted by the perceived relevance of their learning to their future …

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