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    One capstone, two capstone, bricolage

    Capstones, as the culminating experiences for a course or program, serve a long list of functions. They provide students with the context in which they will integrate and apply prior learning, provide depth and complexity, engender independence and confidence, orient and transition to post graduate …

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  • RAAF Roulettes At Avalon International Airshow 2011

    Going solo

    By Marcus Powe, RMIT University Last century, yes the 1980′s, capstones were alive and well and were designed to do one thing, to really see if a graduating student could “do it”. This radical approach shook the foundations of the university as the teacher/lecturer not …

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  • Keystone

    Capstones or keystones?

    by Paul Whitelaw I appreciate that a rose is still, by any other name, a rose. ¬†And in a semiotically correct world, mixed metaphors abound. However, given the protean and dynamic nature of the English language, I would like to argue that we change the …

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