The capstone principles and guidelines

Are you looking for help on capstone design? The capstone principles and guidelines for teachers and institutions, developed through the fellowship program, have been published in our blog pages.

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What's in a capstone?

Capstone curriculum represents an aspirational experience that stimulates student engagement, retention and satisfaction rates, as well as building capabilities and confidence during the transition to post-university life. So what's in a capstone subject?

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The final year context

The final year of study is a momentous period in a student’s life, and an opportunity to build their understanding and confidence about the nature of expectations beyond their studies. So what are they experiencing?

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Have you been involved in capstones?

Over 200 capstone staff participated in our survey on capstone models across the sector, but if you missed the survey deadline and would like to contribute you can contact us directly.

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Welcome to the capstone network site.

The website is a resource on capstone curriculum across the disciplines, developed as part of a National Senior Teaching Fellowship funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) in 2013-2015.

Latest publication: Lee & Loton (2017) Capstone purposes across disciplines, Studies in Higher Education.

Australian Transition-out Network: The STARS Transition-out Network was convened at the July STARS conference. You can find out more about the network at or meet us on LinkedIn.

The Capstone reports are available from the Office for Learning and Teaching website. You can access the documents with the following links:

Fellowship report – outlining the background, activities and outcomes of the Fellowship program, along with the broad findings of the program
Survey report – presents data from the international survey on capstones.

Capstone book
A comprehensive text on ‘Designing and Teaching Undergraduate Capstone Courses’, by Hauhart and Grahe, has been published in the US. Read more here.

Early findings on assessment
Some of our early findings on assessment have been published in the US National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment newsletter. Read the article at: